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15-Minute Crazy 8’s Circuit

Today I have a 15-minute “Crazy 8’s Circuit” for you!  It’s a super fun, quick-pace total body workout focusing on upper body, lower body, abs and cardio! You choose…complete 2 rounds, or if you’re feeling CRAZY, finish a 3rd round with me to really tone up and burn even more calories!All you need is a […]


Leg Slimming Workout

Today I have a leg slimming workout video for you that incorporates 2 of the most effective pieces to toning a fit physique: resistance training and cardio.We’ll be targeting our butt and thighs today PLUS cardio ….all in just 18 minutes. You’ll feel so great afterwards!All you need is 1 dumbbell that weighs 3 to 8 […]

2 Love Handles Workout

Lose The Love Handles Workout

Lose the Love Handles WorkoutLet’s target the stubborn love handle area today, what do you say? I want to challenge you to complete the “Lose the Love Handles Workout” with 4 effective exercises that will help tone, slim and strengthen your waistline. These 4 killer exercises include modifications so anyone can do them, no matter […]


5 Reasons Your Ab Exercises Aren’t Working

5 Reasons Your Ab Exercises Aren’t WorkingNot seeing results from your ab workouts? There’s nothing more frustrating than putting a hard effort into something and not getting anything out of it in return. If you’re struggling to see any ab definition or just feel like your ab workouts aren’t working for you, I’ve got good […]