Are You A Busy Woman Or Mom Who Wants To Workout From Home In 20 Minutes Or Less?

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The FREE 14- Day Challenge Starts This Coming Monday.
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A Peak At Some Fat Burning Workouts

    • Workouts are 20 Minutes or Less, 4 Days a week
    • All you need is a stability ball and a pair of dumbbells
    • Follow along with your Trainer, Laura, from your phone, tablet or computer
    • Includes main workout videos and individual exercise videos so you know exactly what to do and how to modify if needed
    • Tons of variety! Involves strength training, circuits, HIIT, cardio moves all targeting legs, glutes, abs, upper body.

"What Equipment Do I Need To Join The Challenge?"

Very little equipment needed:

    • Stability ball
    • Pair of dumbbells
    • Exercise mat (optional)

Cool Features Inside Of Trainerize!

The Toned In 20 Challenge Includes:

A 2 Week, 4 Days a Week Training Program

    • Amazing Workout Calendar - That lays out your 4 workouts a week yet gives you the flexibility to move workouts to a different day base on your busy lifestyle.
    • Convenient For Busy Women - 20 minute or less time-efficient workouts that can be done in the convenience of your own home or at the gym.
    • Little Space & Little Equipment Needed - All you need is a pair of weights, a stability ball and an exercise mat (optional) and a small open space to get started.
    • Follow-along Full Workout Videos - Watch the workout videos or print them out to take with you. I've completely taken the guesswork out for you. There is no thinking, only ACTION!
    • Log-in From Any Internet-streaming Device - You will gain private access to a training program called "TRAINERIZE". It is computer, tablet, and mobile friendly to access!
    • Personal Accountability - Use the app or website to "Check-In" with Laura, your trainer, to notify her once you complete each workout.
    • Never Feel Lost or Behind - With individual exercise videos within each workout you'll know exactly how to preform exercises correctly with good form and how to modify if needed.
    • Great For Various Fitness Levels - You don't need to be an expert or have tons of years of experience in the gym. Plenty of modifications and you can adapt the workout to make it your own.
    • Tons of Variety - Workouts involve strength training, circuits, HIIT, cardio moves all targeting legs, glutes, abs, upper body.
    • Structured Workouts - Your workout plan is well thought out to give optimal muscle recovery. Basically you won't be doing a ton of squats every workout or training abs daily which is wasting your time!
    • Safe Progressive Workouts - The program will progressively ease you into more advanced workouts as weeks go on. I’m all about safety and doing things the right way…not starting you off with crazy intense workouts that aren't even necessary and could potentially hurt you.

Email Support

You will have access to Laura's personal E-mail address 24/7.
Imagine never having a question go un-answered.

If you have any personal questions or concerns regarding your workouts, your health, or motivation along the way she will be available to ask.

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The FREE 14 Day Challenge Starts This Monday.

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