Day 14: YOU DID IT!!

100% Complete

Congrats on completing the 14 Day Challenge! You did an incredible job!

Complete your Day 14 Check-In to see how well you did! Keep in mind 14 days isn't a lot of time, so give yourself some major credit on all you've accomplished so far! It's a great jump-start for you to keep going! 

Did you take your measurements in the beginning? Be sure to submit your Measurements Form using the video in Step 2 for assistance.

Email me your "After" Photos to Info@bodiesbybench.com  (All photos are kept completely private. Only Laura sees them.)

STEP #1 - Weigh Yourself (Optional)

Weigh yourself the morning of doing your measurements (optional).

Remember, the bathroom scale isn't the best way to track your progress. A lot of different factors can skew your weight. So regardless what it says, you are AMAZING!

And don't forget to focus on more accurate tools, such as measurements, photos, the way your clothes fit, and the way you feel!

To get your true body weight, it should be done...

    1. First thing in the morning upon waking
    2. Before you eat or drink anything
    3. After you've gone to the bathroom
    4. Naked on the scale​​​​​​​

STEP #2 - Take Your Measurements 

Let's see how many inches you've lost! I personally believe it's more important than weighing yourself. However it's imperative to be consistent with your measurements.

Follow Along With Me To Take Your Measurements & Fill Out The Form Below

(All info submitted is kept completely private. Laura is the only one who sees these)

STEP #3 - Take Your Photos

Again, the scale can be a liar. But pictures can really help you stay motivated and realize just how much your body is changing!

Some tips to take consistent pictures:

    1. The more skin you show, the better you can tell your progress. Meaning not take naked photos (hello!), but a sport bra and shorts is perfect. Or a form-fitting tank top and workout pants.
    2. Take pictures of: The FRONT of you, the BACK of you, and the SIDE of you
    3. Wear the same items of clothing in all pictures, before AND after
    4. Same type of day, preferably in the morning
    5. Stand in the same spot or area with GOOD lighting

Please send your AFTER photos to: Info@bodiesbybench.com


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