Day 2:
Upper Body Burn

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Welcome to Day 2! How did you feel after yesterday? I love how fast these workouts are - it lets me get a quick yet effective workout in and move on with my day!

Today we're completing an awesome Upper Body workout! It's designed to work on building your muscular endurance to prevent any injuries in the future and to ease your way into more intense exercises later on.

Equipment Needed Today:
- Stability Ball (Don't have a ball? Just lay on the floor for those 2 exercises.)
- Dumbbells

- Perform 15 repetitions of the first exercise. With no rest, go right into the 2nd exercise and perform 15 repetitions.

- Rest 15 seconds. Then repeat first Super Set for a 2nd set of 15 reps each; Rest 15 seconds. Move on to the next Super Set.

* Are you more ADVANCED? You may do 3 sets of 15 reps for each exercise.

STEP 1: Scroll down and click the toolbar to watch each "Exercise Video & Modifications" FIRST before doing the workout. So you know how to do each exercise with good form and how to modify if needed.

STEP 2: Watch the short "Intro" then follow along with me in the "Full Workout Video"!

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