Day 3: Abs Blast

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Welcome back! It's Day 3 of the 14-Day Challenge!

Today's ABS workout is a great starting point if your core strength is weak, if you haven't trained your abs in a while, and to make sure you're using correct form.

This workout is ALSO great for seasoned exercisers to re-check their form. It's always good to "go back to the basics" once in a'll still get an amazing workout in!

Equipment Needed:
- Exercise Mat (optional, if you have soft carpet)

- Go through all 6 exercises with little rest in between. Repeat entire circuit 1x more for a total of 2 sets/2 rounds.

- Are you more advanced? You may do a 3rd round and/or increase your reps to 15-20 for each.

STEP 1: Scroll down and click the toolbar to watch each "Exercise Video & Modifications" FIRST before doing the workout. So you know how to do each exercise with good form and how to modify if needed.

STEP 2: Watch the short "Intro" then follow along with me in the "Full Workout" video.

STEP 3: Check-in on Facebook once you complete today's challenge! Click the Facebook image below and post in our private Toned In 20 Challenge Facebook Group to let me and the ladies know how you did! Let's hold each other accountable to get it done!

Whether you have a weak core or pretty strong, let's work on increasing that strength and stability TOGETHER! Let's get started!

*REMINDER: Expand videos to full screen for bigger viewing!* From your phone, tablet, or computer click the "full screen" icon at the bottom right corner of videos. Then tilt your phone or tablet to expand full screen.

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Remember Accountability is Vital to Reaching Your Goals!

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