Day 8: Four-Squared Upper Body

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We are officially half way through the Challenge already! I really hope you're excited and motivated to finish this 14-day Challenge strong.

Today's upper body workout is structured to focus on the "mind-muscle connection" of really contracting the muscles being worked.

Equipment Needed:
- Dumbbells (or other objects to hold for resistance)

- Follow along with me from beginning to end!

STEP 1: Scroll down and click the toolbar to watch each "Exercise Video & Modifications" FIRST before doing the workout. So you know how to do each exercise with good form and how to modify if needed.

STEP 2: Follow along with me in the "full workout" video.

STEP 3: Check-in on the Challenge Facebook Group once you complete today's challenge!--- How did you do? Were your upper body muscles burning?

This upper body workout is a GOOD one! Let's tackle it together so you can feel AMAZING and PROUD of yourself afterwards.

*REMINDER: Expand videos to full screen for bigger viewing!* From your phone, tablet, or computer click the "full screen" icon at the bottom right corner of videos. Then tilt your phone or tablet to expand full screen.

Remember support is vital! Get a friend to do this with you...It's NOT too late!

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