Day 9: HIIT My Abs!

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Welcome to Day 9 of the 14-day Challenge!

Let's "HIIT" our abs today! HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. It's a superb way of training to burn fat, build lean muscle in a SHORT amount of time! It's THE best & fastest way to get fit for busy people like you & I.

So give me 12 minutes and I'll give you a great abs workout that fires at ALL angles. That's what I love about my workouts. They're... Short. Targeted. Intense (yet doable). 

Equipment Needed:
- Exercise Mat (Optional if you have soft carpet)
- 2 dumbbells, light in weight. About 3 to 5 lbs. is best. Or use soup cans, water jugs for resistance. Or just use body weight. 

Follow along with me from beginning to end! We're completing 2 sets of each exercise together.

--- PLEASE WATCH all the Individual Exercise Videos before attempting the workout! Learn proper form because I see people do these exercises wrong ALL the time. Use modifications till you develop a stronger core.

--- CHECK IN once completed! Let me and the others inside the private Facebook Group know how you did! What was the exercise you struggled with the most?

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