Are You A Busy Woman Or Mom Who Wants To Workout From Home In 20 Minutes Or Less?

If you’re ready to tone your body, BURN fat and get healthy... then let's get started!

Take the FREE 14-Day Challenge and get started now!

* 20 Minute or Less FULL Length Follow-Along Workout Videos

* Nutrition Tips to Jump-Start Your Fat Loss

* Group Accountability & Motivation to Keep You on Track

* Laura's Personal Training, Coaching & Email Support

Results Other Busy Women Are Getting

Why This Challenge Is Different:

I'm sure you know that there are tons of other programs that claim to help you lose weight and get fit, so what makes our 14 Day Toned In 20 Challenge different and why should you become part of it?

    • Specifically Designed For Busy Women - Burn fat with these effective 20 minute or less workouts. Done right from the convenience of your home, 4 days a week, on YOUR time.
    • Follow-Along FULL Workout Videos - These ARE NOT just demonstrations, I do the entire workout with you! I will motivate and push you till the very end!
    • Never Feel Lost or Behind- Along with the full workout video, you'll have exercise demonstration & modification videos to know exactly how to do each exercise properly and modify if needed. 
    • Workout From Anywhere From Any Device - Access and follow the challenge workouts from your phone, tablet or computer. Workouts are delivered straight to YOU via Email.
    • Great For Various Fitness Levels - You don't need to be an expert or have tons of years of experience in the gym. Plenty of modifications and you can adapt the workout to make it your own.
    • Never Get Bored - So much variety to keep your body challenged! Workouts involve strength training, circuits, HIIT, cardio moves all targeting legs, booty, abs, upper body.
    • Targeted Workouts - Workouts are designed to target different areas so you're not so sore that you can't workout the next day. Basically you won't be doing a ton of squats every workout or training abs daily which is wasting your time! 
    • Challenge Facebook Group - You'll get FULL, interactive support from Laura! Plus motivation, support & accountability from all the other women doing the challenge with you!

"What Equipment Do I Need To Join The Challenge?"

Very little equipment needed:

    • Pair of Dumbbells
    • Exercise Mat (Optional)
    • Stability Ball (Optional)
      ***Only a few exercises use this. You can DEFINITELY do the challenge without a ball!


Get Toned. Get Healthy. Lose the Weight YOU Want!

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