Getting Setup - Bodies By Bench

Welcome to 

Here's how to get started:

1. How It Works

You'll have access to Laura's Toned In 20 online workout program inside the free Toned In 20 app (or website if using a computer).

Workout right from home, in 20 minutes or less, 4 days a week. Log-in using your smart phone, tablet, or computer. Simply follow along with me in the workouts's like having a virtual Personal Trainer!

PLUS the printable version of the workout is available from your computer so you can take it with you anywhere and have it forever!

**The screenshot below shows how to access the "Print" feature from a computer. 

2. Check Your Inbox

I'd hate for you to miss ANY valuable content! Please add me to your Contacts List or a safe sender to ensure my emails GO TO YOUR INBOX. Even if you get a few to your inbox, some may end up in SPAM folder or other folders.

If you have Gmail, it's likely my emails will be sent to your "Promotions" tab. So double check and make sure to drag & drop (or move) my email from your "Promotions" tab into your "Primary" tab.

Make sure these 2 email addresses go to your Primary Inbox:

  • from Laura Bench
  • from Toned In 20 - 4 days a week you'll receive an email workout reminder from this address. A great way to help keep you on track!

3. Setting Up Your Toned In 20 Workout Account

Download the free "Toned In 20" app in the Android Play Store. The Toned In 20 app looks like this...

For Android devices in the Android Play Store search  Toned in 20:

For Apple ios you need to download the Trainerize app in the iTunes App Store. The icon will look different the first time you download it. After you have downloaded the app, the icon will sync with the right TI20 app icon and will be that way from then on.

For Apple devices in the iTunes App Store you can search Trainerize:

In about 15 minutes, you'll get an email to set up your account to access all your workouts. Look for the email sent from "Toned In 20".

**This screenshot shows exactly what the email looks like in your inbox. Don't see it? If it's been more than 15 minutes, check your SPAM Folder! If it's in there, please mark it "Safe" so it doesn't happen again with future emails from me. 

Inside the email click the BIG GREEN BUTTON to set up your account.

On the next page you will see this screen to create your new password.

The video below is a quick tutorial to help you easily navigate once inside the app or website!

You'll LOVE all the cool features to "check in" once your workout is complete, your own personal workout Calendar already planned out for you, ability to track your stats, print the workout for on-the-go, personally message me 24/7, and SO much more!

4. Equipment You'll Need

If you plan to work out from home, here is the equipment you will need:

  1. A big Stability Ball (like $10 at Walmart, Target, etc) - If you don't have this, you can maybe borrow or buy one. 
  2. A pair of Dumbbells - What weight to use? Well, each woman is different as far as fitness level & experience. So I'll say this... a pair of 5 lb. dumbbells and 10 lb. dumbbells would be a great start! BUT just use what you already have!! If you only have one pair of 5 pound or 8 pound dumbbells, that works! You can increase your weight as you get stronger & exercises become easy. 
  3. An Exercise Mat, which is optional if you have soft carpet at home. But if you'd like to have extra cushion for floor exercises, this helps.

5. Nutrition Members Area

Check your inbox in a few minutes. You will receive an email to set up your Password to get instant access the Nutrition Members Area. It automatically gives you a crazy long password, so you'll definitely want to change it to something you can remember.

The email is from:
Subject line will read: [Toned In 20 Nutrition Members Area] Username/Password

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me & ask. I want to make sure you are all set up and ready to go by Monday :-)

The fact you signed up for this shows how committed you really are to taking the right steps in order to care for yourself and live a healthier lifestyle.

Let's DO THIS!

Laura Bench