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Sausage & Egg Muffins Recipe

These egg and sausage muffins are the perfect on-the-go healthy breakfast or even snack. You might like eggs in the morning but typically don't cook them on work days because of time. But the egg muffins are even something you can make ahead of time and will be a much healthier option than grabbing a banana or granola bar and heading out the door.

Packed with protein, veggies and healthy fat it makes a well balanced meal to keep you full, satisfied, and with sustainable energy throughout your morning. Plus they are gluten-free and dairy-free if you don't add cow's cheese. 

I LOVE the fact that the extra egg muffins keep well in the fridge. You just grab a couple out of the fridge in the morning, heat them up in the microwave for a few seconds, and off you go! A great breakfast (or snack) idea to meal prep and have on hand throughout the busy week. 

Get creative with what vegetables or other items you add in. I love onions, peppers, broccoli, spinach, and even a little cheese or goat cheese on top. You could also add veggies like zucchini, asparagus, mushrooms, tomatoes.

If you don't like breakfast sausage, try crumbled bacon, ground turkey or deli turkey meat. Or of course you don't have to add any meat at all. There are many possibilities to make them your own. Enjoy! 

Makes: 12 muffins

1 lb. ground breakfast sausage
8 eggs
3 TB dairy-alternative milk like almond or coconut, or use regular milk if you prefer
2 TB melted coconut oil or olive oil
l½ tsp aluminum free baking powder
1 tsp salt
Pepper, to taste
Any vegetables you want to add! Onion, peppers, spinach, broccoli, etc.
Shredded cheese or goat cheese to top (optional)


1. Preheat oven to 375˚F.

2. Brown the sausage in a skillet using some butter or organic coconut oil.

3. Beat the eggs, milk of choice, coconut or olive oil, baking powder, salt and pepper in a small mixing bowl.

4. Grease a 12-muffin tin very well with coconut oil or cooking spray.

5. Divide the sausage and your veggies up in the 12 cups.

6. Pour the egg mixture over the sausage and veggies. Top with cheese of choice (optional).

7. Bake in oven for 20-25 minutes.

Variations: Change up the veggies and meat! Try zucchini, tomatoes, asparagus, or mushrooms. For meat try crumbled bacon, ground turkey or deli turkey.

Are you going to try these egg & sausage muffins? What do you like to add to yours? Share your variations in the comments, and let me know if you have any questions!

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