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Are You A Busy Woman Or Mom Who Wants To Workout From Home In 20 Minutes Or Less?

If you’re ready to tone your body, BURN fat and get healthy with
Laura's 12-Week Online Workout Program, then let’s get started!

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* 20 Minute or Less FULL Length Follow-Along Workout Videos

* Nutrition Members Area to Eat Healthier Without Dieting

* Group Accountability & Motivation to Keep You on Track

* Laura's Personal Training, Coaching & Email Support

Results Other Busy Women Are Getting

Cool Features Inside Of Toned In 20!

(Toned In 20 has an app/website you'll log into to access your workouts, do check-ins with me, private messaging and much more! Check it out below!)

A Peek At Some Fat Burning Workouts

The 12-Week Toned In 20 Online Workout Program Includes:

A 12 Week, 4 Days a Week Training Program

    • Specifically Designed For Busy Women - Burn fat with these effective 20 minute or less workouts. Done right from the convenience of your home, 4 days a week, on YOUR time.
    • Follow-Along FULL Workout Videos - These ARE NOT just demonstrations, I do the entire workout with you! I will motivate and push you till the very end!
    • Never Feel Lost or Behind- Along with the full workout video, you'll have exercise demonstration & modification videos to know exactly how to do each exercise properly and modify if needed. 
    • Never Get Bored - So much variety to keep your body challenged! Workouts involve strength training, circuits, HIIT, cardio moves all targeting legs, booty, abs, upper body.
    • Targeted Workouts - Workouts are designed to target different areas so you're not so sore that you can't workout the next day. Basically you won't be doing a ton of squats every workout or training abs daily which is wasting your time!
    • Little Space & Little Equipment Needed - All you need is a pair of weights, a stability ball and an exercise mat (optional) and a small open space to get started.
    • Workout From Anywhere From Any Device - Access your workouts by logging into the private training program, "TRAINERIZE", from your phone, tablet or computer. No internet? No problem! Workouts are printable to take on-the-go!
    • Amazing Workout Calendar - That lays out your 4 workouts a week yet gives you the flexibility to move workouts to a different day base on your busy lifestyle.
    • Great For Various Fitness Levels - You don't need to be an expert or have tons of years of experience in the gym. Plenty of modifications and you can adapt the workout to make it your own.
    • Safe Progressive Workouts - The program will progressively ease you into more advanced workouts as weeks go on. I’m all about safety and doing things the right way…not starting you off with crazy intense workouts that aren't even necessary and could potentially hurt you.
    • Personal Accountability - Use the app or website to "Check-In" with Laura, your trainer, to notify her once you complete each workout. Highly effective to keep you on track!

A Look Inside Trainerize From Mobile

Email Support

You will have access to Laura's personal E-mail address 24/7. Imagine never having a question go un-answered. If you have any personal questions or concerns along the way she is available to help you!

Private Facebook Group

Become a Lifetime Member to Laura’s Private Facebook GroupJust for Women!

Join Laura Bench’s "Inner Circle" community of like-minded women and get the ongoing support you need to stay motivated each and every day. Accountability is everything!

This is a place to feel free and post nutrition questions for me, share each other’s healthy meal ideas or recipes, motivational quotes/pics, current struggles you face, progress reports, the occasional workout selfie :-) and much, much more!

Just a fun way for women to engage with one another, encourage, and lift each other up!

"What Equipment Do I Need To Join The TI20 Program?"

Very little equipment needed:

    • Stability ball
    • Pair of dumbbells
    • Exercise mat (optional)

Martha's Success Story

Get Toned. Get Healthy. Lose the Weight YOU Want!




Once inside the Members Area, you'll have access to:

Nutrition Bootcamp

  • 5 modules containing over 7+ hours of webinar video content answering women's most pressing nutrition questions.
  • You can download all the webinar slide notes and are printable so you can have them forever.
  • NEW content added regularly!

    5 Modules Of Content Including...

      • Module 1 - Setting Up a Foundation For Success
        • Module 2 - Calories: Macronutrients - Carbohydrates, Proteins, and Fat
        • Module 3 - 10 Bad Foods & Healthy Swaps
        • Module 4 - Meal Spacing and Balancing Your Meals
        • Module 5 - Meal Planning and Balanced Meal Ideas

Inside I answer questions like....

  • How many meals per day should I eat?
  • How many hours should I wait in between meals?
  • How do I balance my meals correctly with carbs, protein, and fat?
  • Is protein necessary for fat loss? And what's the deal with carbs?
  • How can I beat sugar cravings?
  • What should I watch for on food labels?
  • Is it necessary to eat all organic?
  • What are some healthy on-the-go breakfast ideas?
  • What are some quick & healthy recipes and meal ideas?
  • How can I simplify meal planning?

Complete Guides On Nutrition

Over 18 nutrition-related PDF guides and printouts to simplify your diet on what to eat, what to avoid, and how to make grocery shopping a BREEZE.


Sausage & Egg Muffins
Quinoa Pizza Bites
Baked Parmesan Zucchini
Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie
    • Quick & healthy recipes and meal ideas
      • No long ingredients list!
      • Covering Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks, Smoothies, and of course... Dessert.
      • New recipes added monthly!


OVER $586

Laura's Online Nutrition Members Area

(Yours FREE today when you purchase Toned In 20!)

Instant Access to the Entire Program:

  • Nutrition Bootcamp ( Over 7+ Hours of Video Content)
    Module 1 - Setting Up a Foundation For Success
    Module 2 - Calories: Macronutrients - Carbohydrates, Proteins, and Fat
    Module 3 - 10 Bad Foods & Healthy Swaps
    Module 4 - Meal Spacing and Balancing Your Meals
    Module 5 - Meal Planning and Balanced Meal IdeasPrintable webinar slide notes

  • Detailed Step-By-Step Guides On Nutrition and Diet
    Over 18 nutrition-related PDF guides and printouts
  • Recipe Library
    Quick & healthy recipes and meal ideas
    No long ingredients list
    Covering Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks, Smoothies, and of course...Dessert
    NEW recipes added monthly
    • Nutrition "Quick Tip" Videos 
      • Laura's Email Support
        • Direct Access and Support in Laura's Private Facebook Group (Just For Women)
          • NEW content added regularly!



100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
You get a full 30 days to try the entire program and if you’re not happy for any reason at all, just ask for your money back. It’s my way of making sure you’re taken care of. My goal is to make you and your family healthier!

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