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Week 4: Balanced Snacks Challenge!

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Challenge Objective

* Focus on consuming a balanced snack every day. The key is to not eat carbs alone, but to pair it with protein and/or fat.

You can also apply the PFF method to balancing your snacks as well by having protein, healthy fat, and fibrous carbs. 

And yes, you are allowed to have healthy fat and protein without the fibrous carbs.

My goal for you is to have at least two of the three macro-nutrients in a snack.

A lot of women really struggle with snacks by either mindless snacking or having carb-based foods only. So you should already have a good grip on this because of the previous PPF challenges. 

So now we have applied the water challenge (Drink half your body weight in ounces), the PFF Breakfast, the gluten swap challenge and now balancing your snacks!

Remember that balancing your snacks is just building off of PFF Breakfast. Essentially it is apply the same concept of PFF to your snacks. The main difference is the amount of calories  from snacks to an actual meal.

But by applying PFF this will help regulate your blood sugar levels allowing you to have sustained energy and help prevent storing body fat.

Balanced Snack Ideas

TIP: An easy way to be successful with consuming balanced snacks is to plan and prepare them ahead of time. Either to take with you to work, on-the-go, or to have on hand at home.

You can find some of my favorite snack ideas inside my ebook:
Quick and Healthy Snack Recipes.

Just click the link to download.

Also use the Hashtag #balancedsnack in the Toned In 20 Facebook Community so everyone can share their snack ideas with each other!


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