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Week 6: Choose Your Challenge!


*This weeks challenge is different. Since this is week 6 (the last week) I want to see you finish strong. So this week I'm giving you the choice of what to focus on.

I do, however, recommend you continue going Gluten Free for another 7 days as you will see great results with continuing!

If you struggled with a past challenge and feel like you can do better at it then try that challenge this week!

If you did really well with a past challenge and you want to finish on a good note then do that challenge again, as that will build confidence and lead to greater momentum moving forward.

If there was a challenge you really liked and just want to focus on that then go ahead!

Like I said, this week is up to you with what challenge you want to focus on. Of course I'll support you 100%!!

Below I have listed the challenges in order for you to see:

Week 1: Water Challenge!
Week 2: PFF Breakfast Challenge!
Week 3: PFF Lunch Challenge!
Week 4: Balanced Snacks!
Week 5: Gluten Swap Challenge!


Let me know inside the Facebook group what challenge or challenges you plan to focus on this week. You can choose more than 1. 

Post the hashtag with the corresponding challenge you are doing in the Facebook group this week so I know what you are doing and for everyone else to get ideas from.

Good luck this final week! FINISH STRONG :-)


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